Here are some photos of events where Mary was the featured speaker.

Please do drop me (that's Morris) a line if you would like to submit an image of an event that features Mary to this gallery.

Mary is interviewed at the studios of KDAZ radio in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Mary responds to a question during an interview on radio station KDAZ in Albuquerque, New Mexico. [Photographer: Morris Webb]

Mary delivers the keynote address at the 2003 New Mexico Conference on Aging.

Mary delivers an address entitled, "Flatten Out Your Map," at the 2003 New Mexico Conference on Aging. About 1,000 attendees packed the Glorieta Lifeway Conference Center in Glorieta, New Mexico, to hear Mary's presentation. [Photographer: Morris Webb]

Mary at the speaker's podium in Las Cruces, Nw Mexico, surrounded by her flock of stuffed sheep.

Mary presents a talk entitled, "Mary Had a Little Lamb," at a meeting of the Las Cruces, New Mexico, Christian Women's Connection. Her collection of stuffed sheep adorn the speaker's platform. [Photographer: Morris Webb]

Mary meets Larry the Cucumber from Veggitales.

Mary receives encouragement from Larry the Cucumber of VeggieTales. [Photographer: Morris Webb]

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