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Morris and Mary Hunt Webb met at a Christian event in college and began praying together on their second date. They married after Morris graduated with his master's degree. Mary graduated three years later with a bachelor's degree. This website is part of their continuing commitment to the Lord.

About Mary Hunt Webb

Mary Hunt Webb is an inspirational and motivational speaker. She encourages audiences primarily in the following areas:

  • Building self-esteem
  • Developing determination
  • Establishing and pursuing personal goals
  • Getting through college to graduate
  • Ignoring naysayers
  • Living through prostate cancer
  • Overcoming fear

Mary has spoken to audiences of up to 1,000 people. Her initial speaking experience came from teaching adult and teenage students in business and community colleges, church groups, and Sunday School classes.

Although Mary's eyes were normal at birth, a series of consecutive illnesses when she was five years old left her with a visual impairment, known as strabismus.

The Scripture that guided her through her difficult years in school was Psalms 32:8: "I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye." (KJV)

That verse told Mary that despite her own visual difficulties, she could depend on God to guide her with His eyes and to teach her and instruct her along the path He had prepared for her. Two surgeries in early adulthood corrected Mary's vision so that she did not wear glasses for 17 years. Now she wears them for the same condition that afflicts most adults. It's called, "maturity".

As a child, Mary "played school" during the summers with neighbor children. As an adult, she fulfilled her goal of becoming a teacher after receiving her bachelor's degree in Spanish. Although she originally intended to teach high school, she went on to tutor and instruct adults at the community college level in English, math, and Spanish. She also taught medical terminology at a business college. As a volunteer, she has taught Bible classes to adult men and women as well as teenagers.

Mary holds a master's degree in adult education and workplace training. Drawn to adult basic education, she desired to see adults overcome their academic deficiencies so that they could gain the training and education they needed to support their families. In that situation, she found that she was offering as much encouragement as instruction.

Mary cares passionately about people that face challenges for which there are no easy answers. In her desire to help others, she took training through the Minirth-Meier Clinic to become a leader of support groups. She has also received training as a speaker through CLASS (Christian Leaders, Authors, and Speakers). Consequently, she has become a speaker in both the inspirational and motivational arenas. Mary speaks with humor to audiences large and small to provide insight in handling life's difficulties.

Many have found comfort in the simple way Mary begins her talks with familiar themes that provide the foundation for her inspiring messages. In her talks, Mary blends encouragement with her love of familiar classics. Among these is her series based on favorite rhymes and songs. These include:

Talk Description
"Mary Had a Little Lamb" Mary's testimony of facing life's challenges combined with an explanation of why Jesus is called "The Lamb of God."
"Little Miss Muffet" How to overcome fear.
"Jack, Jill, the Hill, and the Spill" The story of how Morris and Mary faced prostate cancer together.
"Star Light, Star Bright" Don't let dreams grow dim.
"Straight Hair and Straight Talk" Building self-esteem.
"Mary, How Does Your Garden Grow?" How to plant Seeds of Prayer.
"Check Out of the Heartbreak Hotel and Get on the Road to Hope" Overcome heartbreak and turn toward hope.

Other talks are in progress so that Mary will be adding more presentations.

About Morris Webb

Morris Webb retired from the National Weather Service after nearly 35 years as an applications programmer, climatologist, weather forecaster, and web designer. He likes to say that he never willingly appeared on television until after he retired from the U.S. government.

Although Morris retired from his government job, he is not retired from working. He is the webmaster for this site.

Morris gives God credit for his technical skills. He has an uncanny ability to troubleshoot and repair electronic equipment for the business. He prefers to remain behind the scenes using these skills and learning more about the technical side of running a website. As he learns more, you will see it here.

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